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Study In Australia

Australia is the only country that is also a continent. Australia is situated on the Southern Hemisphere compromising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It is the World’s sixth largest country by area. Neighboring countries include Indonesia, East Tinor and Popua New Guinea to the north and the Solomon Island, Varuatu and New Coledonia to the northeast and New Zealand to the southeast.

Australia is unique and diversified country which has people staying with different cultures and its culture is as broad as the country’s huge landscapes. Australians have migrated and resided over from a vast range of religions. 45% of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas. This country is multi-cultural and multi-racial at the same time that enjoys important heritage from its indigenous people and their outward look.

Australia is a natural wonderland of beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, amazing ancient rock formations and pristine rainforests. Australia is also one of the best places to live. It is a young, vibrant and friendly country in which students can live, learn and grow. So if you want a quality education and a good lifestyle, Australia’s the place to be.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometer. Australia has 16 world heritage listed properties with its historic townships, bustling cities, vivid landscapes and exotic flora and fauna all adding to its unique appeal.

Much of Australia’s exotic flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world and the lifestyle is one second to none.

Australian Education System

Each state government manages the school system within their state. This means that they provide funds and regulation for their schools. Both public schools and private schools exist in each state. The curriculum taught in each state or school may vary but the learning areas are the same in all.

Each state has a Vocational Education and Training (VET) or Technical and Further Education (TAFE) system. VET prepares people for work in a career that does not need a university degree. Each state manages their system and meets at a national level to coordinate their effort. VET is transferable between all states. Study done in one state gains the same status in another state. Typically, a VET/TAFE course takes two years of study.

The national government provides the funding for universities in all the states. Each is independent in its governance. They set their courses and course content. A professional body must endorse a course for it to run. Typically, a university course takes three or four years of study.

Quality Assurance in Australian Education System

All institutions which meet registration requirements listed on the publicly available Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)

Australia provides international students with the most rigorous consumer protection in the world. In 2000, Australia introduced the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 takes care of educational legal framework delivered to international students studying in Australia.

Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) links schools, vocational and university education qualifications into one national system. It provides assurance that courses and education providers are approved by Australian government and are recognized by all other countries. The AQF allows international students to move easily from one level of study to the next and from one institution to another for choice and flexibility in career planning. All qualifications in the AQF help to prepare the students for both further study and life in the workforce.

Life in Australia

Australians are vey polite and friendly by nature and prefer to live in coastal areas. Australians are passionate for fishing, watching cinemas, shopping specially in Christmas with exciting offers, sporting on beach, have good standard of dressing and many more.

Australian currency is decimal and the dollar is the basic unit (100 cents equals’ one dollar). Various modes of transports are available to travel within or out of cities with assessable facilities i.e. train, ship, bus, ferry, car, cycle

This country is blessed with immense natural beauty and worth watching sights circled by blue seas from Ayers Rock, Outback to the Gold Coast and Great Barrier Reef. Hiking is an outdoor activity enjoying round the year. Diving in fabulous coastline and exploring the beauty of underneath sea world and its magnificent marine life would be enthralling fun. Canoeing and Kayaking in the coves and inlets would be one of the high cracking adventurous sports for sporty lovers.

Benefits of Australian Education


Vocational Education and Training (VET) or Technical and Further Education (TAFE) are well recognized for their excellence in all areas of education and training focused on work skills. Australian Universities are internationally recognized for their excellences in many areas of specializations.

Qualification and quality assurance –

Australia is one of the world’s leading international education service providers, offering a quality education experience that is different, challenging, exciting and rewarding. One of the main advantages Australia offers is qualifications that are part of a national qualifications framework – the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). An AQF qualification is recognized all around Australia and by other countries.

A welcoming place to live-

Apart from being a great place to get a first rate education, Australia is also a fantastic place to live. It provides a welcoming and multicultural society with a population that originates from around 200 countries. Australian people have a reputation for being amongst the friendliest in the world, and Australian cities are safe and clean, with low crime rates.

Growing Destination-

Australia is rapidly growing as one of the most popular destinations for international student to attend. Currently Australia has the third largest international student enrollment behind the USA and the UK.

Degrees obtained from Australian universities are recognized all over the world, and there is the added boost that the Australian higher education system is federally regulated. Which means the Australian government regulates all universities in the country each year to make sure they are maintaining their high education standards.



Time :

Capital : Canberra
Largest City : Sydney
Population : 22,603,709
Indian Population : 405,000+
Area : 7,682,300 sq km
GDP : $1.235 trillion (13th) (2010)
Per capita : 55,589 (6th)
Language : English
Religion : Anglican, Roman Catholic, Protestant
Continent : Europe
Currency : Australian Dollar (AUD)
Calling code : +61
Internet TLD : .au
Drives on : Left

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