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Study In New Zealand

New Zealand [Aotearoa] in Moari is an island country in the South western Pacific Ocean compromising two main landmasses the North Island and the South Island and numerous smaller Islands. Most notably Stewart Island, Rakuira and the Chatham Island & the indigenous Maori Language name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, commonly translated as long white cloud.

New Zealand enjoys temperate climate all round the year as it is surrounded from all sides by sea & divided into two parts i.e. Northern Island – a warm mild climate and other part is South Island – colder and rainfall is higher due to Southern Alps. Its natural beauty resembles an untamed place for rivers, islands, glaciers, mountains, rain forests and plenty of geological treasures which are sure to set you on wonders once you see and feel it deeply!

With stunning variations in its geographic location, New Zealand is surrounded by two oceans, Pacific and Tasman oceans. This country has fantastic landscapes, which are mostly thirty minutes away from the beautiful sea that attracts numerous visitors from all over the world.

New Zealand Education System

New Zealand Education System is quite similar to Indian Education System which accepts Higher Secondary School and permits for studying Bachelors degree. New Zealand Bachelor degrees are of 3 or 4 years depending on stream you are interested in and apply for admission in Master’s degree based on the entry requirements of the education provider

Education providers in New Zealand are Universities, Government Training Establishments [Government Polytechnics] and Private Training Establishment [Private Colleges/Institutes]. Education providers of this country are well-respected and globally renowned for their broad range of educational opportunities and students can enroll themselves for a short term to long term study abroad programs of their choice.

A wide range of programs are offered to students i.e. Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, Post Graduate and many other programs. Research oriented students may apply for Bachelors or Master’s Honour’s degree by thesis leading to PhD programs in the country.

Quality Assurance in New Zealand Education System

The New Zealand Government has set up nationally recognized processes of quality assurance to keep a constant check to maintain and meet high standards of education. These government bodies are responsible for approving qualifications in New Zealand & for determining the high quality delivery of qualifications. These are the following bodies:

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

This authority is responsible for approving & registering all the programs & national qualifications offered at polytechnics & private training establishments.

New Zealand Vice-Chancellor’s Committee (NZVCC)

This body is responsible for approving diplomas, undergraduate & postgraduate programmes offered by New Zealand universities to the students.

Career Services

The most important part of New Zealand’s education is “Career Development Center” which is also known as ‘Helping you turn Employment Challenges into Opportunities’ which is a division of student affairs supporting career development of undergraduate and graduates students.  Their mission is to guide the students through the process of educational, career and personal discovery in preparing them to achieve success for global workforce.

The Career Development Centre is for the benefit of intending the current students, graduates and alumni member as well. It assists with a wide range of career related services starting from the exploration of career ideas and program advice to information about specific jobs, employers and further studies. It also involves internships, campus interviews, job fairs and employer’s presentations which offer the employers an opportunity to recruit the New Zealand’s top graduates.

Benefits of New Zealand Education

New Zealand is considered as one of best place to live in, study, work and settle. Studying in New Zealand will be great learning experience for student to gain globally acclaimed qualifications. New Zealand education helps you in gaining practical exposure, multicultural society, International competition & many more.

New Zealanders are open to accept people from different cultures which include Maori, Paheka, European descent, Asia and Pacific people along with African and Latin American people with increasing number are found. New Zealand is safe and people are hospitable with an interest to mix with new cultures.

New Zealand education providers teaches different courses with different method of learning i.e. attending lectures, self study assignments, practical exposure of industrial visits, projects, employers visit to the institute sharing knowledge and internships within the areas of major.

New Zealand qualification are also known as Globally Acclaimed Qualification within the world. Practical and modern techniques linked within the qualification ranks them world’s best & reputed qualification for international students.

New Zealand government offer Graduate job search visa option on successful completion of studies to international students. Graduate may work within the country and gain exposure and work experience within the field of their graduation, later on international student may apply for permanent residency based on the point based system maintained by respective authorities of the country.

Life in New Zealand

New Zealand beauty lies in lakes, mountain ranges, coastal areas, hills, plains and forests. Temperature remains high and sunshine from December to February while June, July and August are usually the coldest months

Living expenses are comparatively low in New Zealand and living standard is higher with an affordable cost.  A wide range of accommodation options is available and cost varies as per the preference. Student can stay within the University or Polytechnics accommodation which may be fully catered, semi catered or without meals. Students get good facility within the University or Institution’s accommodation located on campus. One of the popular accommodation options preferred by international students is renting a house or an apartment sharing with their friends and most of the rental apartments are furnished with all sorts of modern amenities.

Breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, invigorating walks, idvilic holiday islands, outstanding food and wine, great shopping and exciting nightlife are the tourist attraction areas. New Zealand cities offer wide range of recreational activities i.e. skiing, rugby, snowboarding on the Southern Alps and whale watching and its rugged beauty of banks.



Time :

Capital : Wellington
Largest City : Auckland
Population : 4,393,500
Indian Population : 105,000
Area : 103,483 sq mi 
GDP : 140.434 billion
Per capita : $32,145
Language : English
Religion : Christianity
Continent : North American continent
Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Calling code : +64
Internet TLD : .nz
Drives on : Left

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